Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kenyan Girl on Globalisation, Trade, Immigration and Film Making

The link below is to the video of a recent TV interview I did on a PBS station.

All thanks to my friends in KY, Dawn Cloyd, Kathy Gornik and Marta Surgenor who made this possible.

For your viewing when you have a moment... I am hoping my next one will be about the new film I am working on!

Click on the link and on the "Watch Video" tab at the KET website to view the interview.



AK said...

Great work you are doing! I also believe in 'development as freedom' (thanks Amartya Sen).

Barries to our growth and dev. are overwhelmingly structural.

Last december back home, I encountered an old problem reincarnated. My folks tried to grow cotton for cash years ago and they stopped due to poor prices and the single government- controlled marketing board.

Lately, the same growers are being encouraged to revive production, only this time the middle man is a private guy who hires thugs to ambush any other entity who dares compete.

And how can they reach markets, when there's every imaginable obstacle on the way.

Not yet Uhuru!

Keep it up!

Mose' said...